Heavenly goodness is finally here!

Barebells, Sweden’s best-selling protein bar, welcomes a new heavenly flavour to its series of protein bars – White Salty Peanut, with 20 grams of protein and no added sugar.

Salty Peanut was one of the first bars on the market and quickly became a great success due to it’s insanely good taste. Now, this top seller has been transformed in to another irresistible bar – White Salty Peanut, where golden salty peanuts dipped in heavenly caramel sauce meet a white protein fluff and covered in a blanket of white creamy chocolate. Welcome to heaven on earth!

– It’s time to look ahead towards brighter times . We at barebells want to always continue to spread good vibes and delicious protein bars. We promise, White Salty Peanut will make your taste buds sing like a choir of angels