Exciting news for our Barebells family in the UK! We’re ecstatic to introduce the latest sensation in our Soft Bar collection: the Coco Choco. This bar is a perfect fusion of luxurious chocolate and exotic coconut, crafted for those who seek indulgence without compromise. Embrace the adventure of taste with our new Coco Choco Soft Bar! 

Discover the Tropical Twist of Coco Choco
The Coco Choco Soft Bar is an invitation to experience a tropical paradise, wrapped in a convenient, delicious snack. It’s our love letter to the chocolate and coconut aficionados, offering a harmonious blend that dances on the palate. With an incredible taste and without added sugar, this bar is a testament to Barebells’ commitment to flavour and quality.

Why Coco Choco is a Must-Try:

  • Tropical Chocolate Bliss: Immerse yourself in the depth of chocolate, intertwined with the sweet, tropical notes of coconut. Each bar is generously filled with coconut flakes, adding a delightful crunch that makes every bite a moment to savor.
  • Nutritionally Crafted: With 16g of protein and without added sugar, the Coco Choco bar supports your lifestyle without sacrificing taste. It’s the ultimate snack for those who demand more from their treats—more flavour, more satisfaction, and more joy.
  • Conveniently Exotic: Our dedication to exceptional taste is matched only by our passion for convenience. The Coco Choco Soft Bar is the epitome of grab-and-go snacking, designed to fit perfectly into your busy lifestyle. Whether you’re dashing between meetings, heading to the gym, or looking for a quick energy boost on a hike, this bar is your trusty companion. With its irresistible blend of chocolate and coconut flakes, it offers a delicious escape to the tropics, anytime, anywhere

Elevate Your Snack Time:

The Coco Choco Soft Bar is your ticket to an exotic escape, any time of the day. Whether you’re looking for a morning energy boost, a post-workout reward, or a late-night treat, this bar is designed to satisfy your cravings in the most delicious and nutritious way possible. Don’t wait to dive into the lush, chocolatey depths intertwined with exotic coconut flair. Visit our UK webshop today and be among the first to indulge in the Coco Choco revolution. It’s not just a snack; it’s an experience—where the rich, bold flavours of chocolate meet the sweet, tropical essence of coconut, all in a bar with no added sugar. Join us on this delectable journey, and let’s celebrate the joy of snacking together.